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Some QuickSpin casinos will help you play Hot Sync for real money with a sign up promotion. The best offer is the BetVictor bonus that requires only that you make a simple deposit to your new member account. No BetVictor bonus code is necessary. The casino will then add another 200% of your deposit to your account for you to play QuickSpin slots with. You can make your deposit via Paypal or Skrill accounts and enjoy Hot Sync all you want thanks to the generous £ 200.

Apart from the generous 200% bonus of £ 200, this casino also offers 200 BetVictor free spins to new players.

Once you sign up for BetVictor’s services, you’ll find how simple things are – all promos come without a single BetVictor bonus code. This includes the 200% sign up bonus. A new BetVictor account is all it takes.

BetVictor 200% Sign-up Bonus

BetVictor offers attractive sign up promotions, including the exclusive 100% BetVictor welcome bonus.

So, why not use the free money when BetVictor offers it so generously? Just deposit at least £10 and you’ll be rewarded with a 100% bonus that may go as high as £200 that you can enjoy QuickSpin games with for much longer.

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Hot Sync Online – A QuickSpin Release

Finding a good video slot that’s worth your time is hard. Hot Sync may be just the thing, with its fabulous animation and £100000 the maximum win. Its maker, QuickSpin hit the spot for Fruit Machine-themed games’ fans with the Casino theme perfectly depicted on the slot’s 5 reels and 20 paylines. This interesting title also includes, bonus rounds and many useful features and buttons that make Hot Sync a unique title you’ll want to play.

Hot Sync Online Slot Game

If you’re among those who love Fruit Machine-themed slots, great! Hot Sync is just the thing. But even if you do not, this QuickSpin slot’s 20 paylines have a lot to offer. Just read on!

This genuine QuickSpin online slot offers 11 picturesque symbols, such as scatters and substitutes, and some cool features, too: free spins.

Ever think about joining an online casino such as BetVictor? Opening a free account and playing Hot Sync can make you busy trying to win lots of cash prizes. And not only that, you can also have fun playing Hot Sync on any device, including your mobile, via BetVictor’s mobile app. What’s more, a convenient welcome bonus is also offered.


Produced and licensed by QuickSpin, this 5-reel slot, introduced in 2017, is a major player attraction. Regularly updated by QuickSpin, this video slot always runs sleekly.

The Rules

These are the guidelines to playing Hot Sync:

  • There are 20 paylines with left to right payout direction, with the exception of the Scatter given wins
  • In case you receive several winners, the most lucrative one is paid
  • In order to hit a winner you must receive 3 identical icons on one line
  • The smallest wager is £0.4
  • Any regular symbol can be swapped by the Wild symbol, exempting the scatter
  • The Scatter special symbol can be anywhere on the 5 reels for it to pay
  • Hot Sync can give you the extra free spins while you’re in the middle of a free spins session
  • The risk special, , isn’t triggered for the maximum awards and it can’t start while the autoplay is on
  • If something goes wrong during your Hot Sync play, the play and the prizes won’t count

Learn to Play Slots Online

The combination of entertainment and lavish awards in the Hot Sync game has always attracted players. Simply put, if you play QuickSpin slots online this 5-reeler pay out as soon as you hit 3 corresponding symbols on an active payline. The left to right payout direction further enhances the winning odds. And this 20 paylines title can make you win big if 5 symbols line up on your reels. More on Hot Sync features is available in this article.

Opting for the right casino to play the Hot Sync slot is always challenging. Pros should include a welcome bonus and BetVictor is offering exactly that. The 200% bonus in the amount up to £ 200 awaits you as soon as £10 or more finds its way to your BetVictor account.

How about pocketing £100000? If you would like that, play this 5-reeler in the BetVictor real play mode. The BetVictor website is the way to this winner, and you can even play it on the go.

BetVictor gives you the opportunity to play this 20 paylines slot for free, both on your computer and your mobile device. The free play mode is available online, without download.

Before pressing the Spin button to start the game, remember that Hot Sync gives you the option to adjust bets via a bet toggle. The adventure starts if you strike the minimum 3 of the same symbols, whereas 5 symbols open up some big wins!

To strike lucky, look for 5 identical symbols. By betting on all 20 paylines you create more winning opportunities. Hot Sync has conveniently predefined the maximal 20 paylines as a norm.

Here’s a Step-by-step Breakdown:

  • Picking the number of lines to wager on is what you should do first.

Hot Sync has 20 paylines which spread across its 5 reels. The cool thing is that the 20 paylines are fixed, meaning you can’t bet on any less than that. And this is for the best, trust us.

The winnings are paid from left to right in this genuine QuickSpin release, enabling you to get prizes pretty often, even though you may think the opposite – that Hot Sync pays bad just because it has 20 paylines. Well, the truth is that this video title turns out to be quite generous.

  • The next step is determining how much you’ll wager.

Simplicity is key, and QuickSpin knows that, so it made Hot Sync with a fixed coin value of £, thus enabling its players to go straight for the Hot Sync’s prizes.

With this QuickSpin game, there’s no coin-size fuss. Hot Sync offers only the predefined coin value of £, making this gaming experience much neater. This 5 reeler promises incredible prizes such as the 500x bet per line – the slot’s highest reward.

  • In order to know how much you’ll win, set the stake per line sum.

When playing this QuickSpin online game, remember that the number coins per payline cannot be changed.

QuickSpin didn’t include any payline alternatives in Hot Sync – you have to play on all 20 lines. Maybe some newer versions of this video slot will support more options.

Bet value can be adjusted easily in this 5-reel slot, thanks to its bet value button.

In this Fruit Machine game you get to choose how much your line bet will be. You can bet as little as £0.02, or as much as £10. With the relatively high limit, Hot Sync can also bring high rewards.

  • When it comes to spinning, Hot Sync offers you the option to do it manually with the Spin toggle.

Once you hit the Spin button, the game starts with the setup you placed. Fortunately, QuickSpin put in the Auto Play feature. So you can pop out for a cuppa while Hot Sync spins the reels by itself.

A very practical feature of Hot Sync’s auto spin is its cash limit, which QuickSpin shrewdly included to let you hold the reins of your spending.

  • The next step is setting Hot Sync’s volume and screen according to your preference.

However, this video slot doesn’t have a full screen button. QuickSpin made a mistake there, for sure.

Expectedly, QuickSpin made the volume settings user-friendly. Just press Hot Sync’s mute button and let its 5 reels spin quietly.

As for the volume of its sounds, Hot Sync is not very flexible. For this Casino-themed game, players have merely on and off options.

Tiles, Symbols, Images

This interesting Fruit Machine-themed slot involves the following images:

  • The highest paying is the Diamond symbol
  • The Seven
  • The Star and Bell
  • The Watermelon
  • And of course, there’s the Plum, Lemon and Cherry which pays the least.

Hot Sync also offers the following special symbols:

  • the substitute
  • the Bonus Game scatter
  • the Hot Sync sign

If you’re playing Hot Sync to win big, keep an eye on the Diamond, the game’s most generous symbol, 5 of which pay out a massive prize – 500x payline bet. Expressed in coins, on the maximum stake per each of the 20 paylines, this prize would amount to lucrative a £100000!

This is the best tile to get:

play Hot Sync for real money

If you don’t receive Diamond combos, don’t lose hope – there’s the Seven icon, which is the second highest paying tile. Should you hit 5 the Seven symbols you will find your line bet multiplied by 300, so on the max line bet level of £10, it could bring you £3000. When you hit a payline full of the Star and Bell symbols, this means that you’ve scored the third strongest symbol. It earns you 200x your line bet when you have 5 of them. With it, you can pocket maximum £2000 per line, provided that you’re on the max line stake level of £10.

Take the Watermelon symbol’s top prizes of 125x line bet and you’ll realize this QuickSpin slot has more in store for you. Although modest, the Plum, Lemon and Cherry symbol’s prizes of the maximum 100-fold line bet are a decent bankroll booster when nothing else comes your way.

Generally, BetVictor’s experienced players appreciate special features, and Hot Sync will not disappoint them. The Hot Sync wild symbol covers for its 11 other symbols and brings 1000x bet whenever 5 of them show up on the reels. It’s a great winning opportunity, as this modern slot lets you play with only -coin the minimum bet.

Besides the desirable Wild symbol, you could be receiving the the Bonus Game scatter symbol too. This cool bonus tile carries a x bet multiplier, and here’s a twist – it will pay no matter where’s it’s positioned.

It’s good to know that QuickSpin also included a special free spins symbol, the Bonus Game.


This Fruit Machine game is classified as a video slot that spins 5 reels and pays on 20 paylines.

Hot Sync features 20 lines which bring great prizes on those 5 reels in this video slot.

Although some things can be adjusted in Hot Sync to suit your preferences, paylines are unalterable. 20 lines are always on in this QuickSpin game, so place your bet as £100000 can become yours within a blink of an eye.

This is a way to adjust bets for Hot Sync.

play Hot Sync online Play now at BetVictor 

Payline Tips:

  • Winning on Hot Sync’s paylines is left to right.
  • Get at least 3 matching symbols along a payline for Hot Sync to pay a prize.
  • All regular symbols can be substituted by the Wild symbol.
  • No paylines are needed for the scatter symbol to pay.
  • Top win per line paid alone. In case of two or more Hot Sync wins on an active line, the biggest one is paid.
  • Since Hot Sync requires you to wager on all of its 20 lines, you can count on more frequent wins.


In this online video slot, when you start the 5 reels, they move downward. It’s a classic spinning direction, which makes Hot Sync very convenient for BetVictor players who like to keep things simple. However, in Hot Sync, downward-moving reels doesn’t mean downward-moving prizes. On the contrary!

So, Hot Sync has 5 reels, 20 paylines and 11 symbols all working together to earn you cash. Yet, not all of the symbols are just run-of-the-mill, QuickSpin incorporated a wild and a scatter symbol. One more tile – the Hot Sync – is the Hot Sync special.

About the Hot Sync Jackpot

BetVictor players that are searching for online slot jackpots may be disappointed that this QuickSpin slot has no fixed Hot Sync jackpot. Prizes like 500x your line stake may be QuickSpin’s way to compensate for it. Lining up 5 of the top paying Diamond symbols brings this sum, which is £100000 in cash on a £10 bet.

The Progressive Jackpot Feature

If you like a progressive jackpot, you sadly won’t find one in the Hot Sync game. It does, however, feature a 500x line stake multiplier function and other high value winnings available. It may also be the case that other online casinos that use games by QuickSpin will offer their own version of a progressive jackpot that includes the Hot Sync game.

Video Slots VS Classic Slots

If you like video slots, don’t miss Hot Sync. This game contains some lovely animations and supplementary sounds. After so many great slots, QuickSpin managed to create another one – this 20 lines title is now part of many casinos’ offer. BetVictor players may look forward to features and payouts.

Is this a 3D Slot Game?

No, but that doesn’t mean it pays less. Hot Sync is appreciated by numerous BetVictor punters, and for a good reason. With 500x line bet as the main prize, Hot Sync can easily become anyone’s favourite.

BetVictor Download

When it comes to choosing a Hot Sync venue, if you opt for flash-only BetVictor, you’ll gain access to the QuickSpin game’s £100000 top prize without delay and the hassle of Hot Sync download. When you join BetVictor, you’ll be able to play this and other QuickSpin titles instantly and in free mode on BetVictor’s site, or its mobile website. But if real money’s your thing, simply click on the play Hot Sync for real money button and you can make some actual cash.

Control Panel

Read on to learn how to use the dashboard in Hot Sync, as well as most QuickSpin slots:


Take any contemporary slot game, such as Hot Sync, and see which button is pressed the most. It’s always the game starting button, which is known by many a name, including Spin, Play, Start, or Go. However, in this 5-reeler, it’s known as the Spin, and it starts the reels, which may bring coins, which is Hot Sync’s largest prize. Remember, all it takes is a single click! To keep Spin from feeling lonely, there are also:

  • the bet size toggle
  • the button for Hot Sync’s info section
  • volume controls

Turbo Mode

Every now and then, Casino style slots include a turbo button to quicken the speed of their reels. When this is engaged, the reels will spin faster in Hot Sync’s base game and even during any bonus rounds.

The Turbo button has the same function as the Spin, to set the reels a-rollin’, only faster. Hot Sync doesn’t have the Turbo mode, but the regular Spin button is more than enough to bring you £100000 win.

The Info Button

The Info icon will open a page with Hot Sync basic facts and rules. Make sure you read these, it might come in handy.


Autoplay, a setting featured in online slots to enable playing without stopping, makes it unnecessary to press Spin for every time you wish to make a spin. Numerous BetVictor slots have it, and it’s really convenient, ’cause it can be set to stop at some point. And even if Hot Sync is played just for fun, Autoplay is a useful feature,as the player can play non-stop.

No more clicking forever on the Spin toggle! This clever setting, called Autoplay, makes it easy for you to play with no stopping! QuickSpin has also made this option customized to players’ needs.

Don’t worry – the autoplay won’t make you miss out on the specials that this exceptionally designed slot has to offer. You can set it up to stop when you wish

Hot Sync gives you the possibility to choose the cash limit for the autoplay feature.

What is the Minimum Bet Amount?

If you decide to click the Play for Real Money button and play Hot Sync with real money, BetVictor will offer you a £ 200 sign up bonus. But before depositing, find out the minimum bet in this Casino setup slot in order to know how much money you need.

Sadly, Hot Sync was denied a Bet One button that would help you set the minimum betting value in one click. Admittedly, this can be a bit of a hassle if you want to get to playing this Fruit Machine -styled slot as soon as possible, but it will just take you some more clicks to set the cash the minimum to £0.02.

The lowest bet per line stands at £0.02. The result of Hot Sync’s 20 linesx minimal bet is £0.4. And this is really the lowest possible bet

obtain the 500x line bet multiplier.

Max Bet

If you want to go big on this superbly designed slot, you should put all your wagers and values to the max. Only, you will notice that you have to do it manually since there is no single-click the max Bet option. If your preference is the max bet, know that QuickSpin failed to include the max Bet toggle in Hot Sync. Still, regular. prizes are well worth the bother. The simple math is: put the maximum value of a coin at £ and the maximum coin bet per line at 1. Multiply that by all 20 lines and you get a bet of . Then all you are left to do is to spin the 5 reels and simply watch closely as those 11 money making symbols do their dance!

Hot Sync Return-To-Player Info

This video slot RTP represents the payout rate of Hot Sync over a certain period. The RTP – which means Return to Player – is given by an algorithm and expressed by percentages. For most video games it usually goes between 93% and 96%.

This 20 paylines slot has a very high Hot Sync RTP of 96.29%.

Special Symbols

Playing this regularly paying slot is a joy thanks to its the Bonus Game and the Wild symbols that boost its payout rate. Playing this 5-reel game gets even better thanks to the Hot Sync symbol that involves some cool wins.

Scatter Symbol

What a great job QuickSpin has done with this 20-payline slot as it has the Bonus Game scatter ! What does all this mean? Getting the scatter symbol will multiply the wager times, tops. If you ever wished to have a Fruit Machine-themed slot which has a free-spins winning scatter, then your dreams will be fulfilled with Hot Sync as it activates free spins, too.

The following shows what Hot Sync Scatter looks like:

play Hot Sync for free

How Does Hot Sync Wild Work?

QuickSpin made good on this slot by including the Hot Sync wild symbol. The wild is going to replace a symbol in order to get you 5 matching ones. Now, lets presume that you have 4 of the Seven symbols. If one of the other tiles in that line is the wild, it will carry the Seven’s function and this will bring you the 300x the stake you had for that line. So yeah, this is a tile you want to get.

win real cash on Hot Sync

This above is Hot Sync’s substitute symbol.

All about Expanding Wilds in Hot Sync

Winning on expanding wilds in Hot Sync is impossible because that feature isn’t supported. This video slot has other attractive features that may interest you.

About Hot Sync Stacked Wilds

There is no way you can rely on this QuickSpin online slot’s stacked wild, ’cause there is none. But you can enjoy Hot Sync nevertheless, particularly when it pays out 500x line bet as its maximum payout which QuickSpin has set for a spin of this Casino-themed online slot.

Is There an Overlay Wild in Hot Sync?

It is slightly disappointing that QuickSpin has omitted an overlay wild as part of Hot Sync’s features but we can hope that this might change some time in the near future.

About Hot Sync Paytable

Plan your budget for this video slot by taking a peek at its paytable. QuickSpin made it very clear and accessible through a dedicated button, and all 11 symbols can be found there. Pays start at 3 of a kind symbols, and it takes 5 symbols lined up to get big prizes. The Plum, Lemon and Cherry may not offer you big ones, but its 100x line stake multiplier will be handy when your BetVictor balance drops. You can win more on the and the Watermelon symbols, whose respective payouts are and 125 times line bet. Fortunately, Hot Sync offers higher prizes with the Star and Bell – 200x bet per line – and especially with the Seven, which will reward your investment into this QuickSpin title with a lucrative 300x line bet multiplier. Lastly, the game’s Diamond symbol will give you a huge 500x your bet per line, which is enough Hot Sync money to keep you spinning those 5 reels for much longer. Or withdraw the money from your BetVictor account and enjoy it anyway you want.

This works in this manner – have a bet per line of £0.02. If you hit the 5 Plum, Lemon and Cherry in one line, you’ll win £2. The other symbols work the same way. For example, the Seven wins £6 when 5 of them are in a winning line. Also, the Diamond gives you £10 in winnings when you hit 5 of these symbols in the same line.

Hot Sync online free Play now at BetVictor 

Credit Size for Hot Sync

This Fruit Machine-themed game has several ways to arrange the amount you’re betting. The following shows what those ways are.

  • Limiting the bet level
  • Adjusting your stake in cash per payline

While numerous other QuickSpin titles have flexible paylines, in Hot Sync they are fixed to 20 of them. However, this isn’t a downside. Hot Sync, like other slots, pays best on the maximum – 20 lines.

With bet value, you can set your stake between level 1 and 1 per each of the 20 available lines. The total bet is then to respectively.

Coin Size and Worth

Coin value in cash is one of the most important BetVictor settings.

How About a Multiplier in Hot Sync?

Besides the usual line multiplier which goes between 100x and 500x, sometimes you can find the multiplier feature. The slot multipler would be a very nice thing to have, but you won’t find it in this video slot game. Regrettably, this particular Fruit Machine title cannot boast a multiplier bonus.

This QuickSpin Game’s Extra Features

Is This QuickSpin Game Packed With Extras, Specials and Bonuses?

Bonus Features In Hot Sync

How smashing would it be to have a bonus game in this Fruit Machine – themed slot? Alas, you won’t get that feature in Hot Sync. But you shouldn’t be discouraged because QuickSpin prepared some free spins for you. 8 of them, to be exact.

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The Round

If you hoped for a risk game in this Fruit Machine-themed slot, you’re in for a bad news. QuickSpin opted not to include the gamble feature, meaning you won’t be able to double any of those frequently given winner. On the other hand, it means you won’t be able to squander them.

Hot Sync Free Spins Info

It’s possible to get confused by free spins. When playiing video slots games, you might see Hot Sync free spins offered. Also, on signing up to certain online casinos, including BetVictor, you might see that they offer you 200 free spins you might get some free spins as thank you for joinig up. Don’t make the mistake of confusing the free play offer at BetVictor with free spins. Free play is a demo mode offered by BetVictor that allows you to play without cash. You won’t win cash for these games, however, QuickSpin slots do offer free spins that can pay well if you win them in real money play.

Yes indeed, Hot Sync includes a free spins feature, with 8 free spins on offer in the game.

BetVictor players might be disappointed by this 5 reel slots game, as it offers only 8 free spins, unlike lots of other QuickSpin slots games. This could be why BetVictor have decided to offer their own bonus 200 free spins to new players. Of course, you can win quite a good amount using hte Hot Sync’s free spins anyway.


A lot of BetVictor players prefer video slots due to their modern design. This 20 paylines slot has a selection of controls that you can use to:

  • play Hot Sync for real money
  • relax while Hot Sync is autospinning
  • check the paytable
  • set the bet
  • use the mute-button
  • get the advantage of the info table

Hot Sync Real Money Play

Given that this Casino-themed title involves amazing graphics, and various special features, Hot Sync is guaranteed to provide you with fun. However, those 20 lines don’t provide real prizes in BetVictor’s fun mode, so if winning £100000 is your thing, opt for real money play.

BetVictor Real Cash Games – Hot Sync

If you’re tired of idly watching these 11 symbols spin in the demo mode and you’re ready for action, start playing this video slot for cash. You’ll need to have an account at BetVictor, so you’ll need to do this:

  • Search for BetVictor’s official website and use the sign up option
  • Fill out the form
  • Get a 200% up to £ 200 on your first deposit plus 200 free spins
  • Make at least the minimum deposit of £10
  • Wager all you like on Hot Sync


Getting to your money is made easy at BetVictor. Everything you will will imidiately go to your account. You can withdraw that money by using Paypal or Skrill which most punters use. Usually, there’s some kind of limit, so you’ll want to check that.

You are entitled to cash out your BetVictor bonus, taking account of their sign up offer of 200& of the deposit amount. In order to do this, you should match the 35 x play through before you go about withdrawing your winnings from Hot Sync. Check out the T&Cs from BetVictor first, though. However, you won’t find them in the Hot Sync info, as the terms are determined by BetVictor, not the actual slot game or games designer.

Does This QuickSpin Title Have a Free Play Version?

BetVictor enabled Hot Sync free play for those who perhaps wish to try out this 20 paylines slot before they go for the real play. And it is available on mobile as well.

You don’t have to bother with openning BetVictor account to play Hot Sync free mode. This video slot and many more QuickSpin slots are laid out for you to try – just head on to their website and start spinning the 5 reels.

If you’re playing this 5 reel game in Hot Sync free play mode, consider the amount Hot Sync could have provided you with for real. So to make the most of this QuickSpin game, press the yes icon and switch up to the real money play mode at the BetVictor. Deposit the min £10 to start playing for real. Hot Sync’s minimum line stake is only £0.02, so you could be playing for real for quite some time. Having deposited your £10, you can also use the nice £ 200 bonus amount to keep you spinning the game’s 5 for even longer.

Is there a BetVictor No Deposit Bonus?

There are no free chips offered by BetVictor, so the BetVictor no deposit bonus is missing from their offer list. If this changes in the future, this Hot Sync review will inform you about it. However, QuickSpin slots, including this 5-reel title, can be played with BetVictor’s welcome bonus of 200% up to £ 200.

Does BetVictor Offer a Hot Sync App?

One of the things that BetVictor offers to its punters is the Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Hot Sync app. Once you download it, you can play Hot Sync on your mobile device. Everything you would expect from this 5-reeler on your computer – the vivid design, the 96.29% RTP, they are all there!

This 20 paylines game is available for iOS users through the BetVictor app which you’ll find on iTunes.

Playing QuickSpin slots is not an issue if you have an Android phone or tablet – just download a BetVictor app from Google Play or directly from BetVictor website and start spinning this flashy slot’s reels.

As a Microsoft Lumia phone owner, how many times did you get frustrated because your favourite QuickSpin slot isn’t available for your OS? Well, BetVictor optimized their app for Windows phones, so you could play Hot Sync wherever and whenever you want. BetVictor thought about Blackberry owners and optimized their so everybody could play this regularly paying slot.

BetVictor made a free app for mobile users, which means if you want to play this 20 paylines slot you need to make sure you’ve got the legit BetVictor app.

Is There a BetVictor Bonus for Hot Sync Mobile?

You don’t get to see many Hot Sync mobile casinos without promos. Yet, BetVictor is one of them, as its mobile offering doesn’t have a single mobile bonus. Great numbers of QuickSpin’s mobile slots indicate that as a QuickSpin-powered venue, BetVictor should reconsider its bonus policy and reward Hot Sync fans’ loyalty with a nice mobile promo.

What’s the Biggest Win Here?

It’s not easy to achieve, but Hot Sync’s top reward of 500x line bet is waiting for the right BetVictor player to win it. It’s brought by 5 Diamond symbols on one of the 20 lines, and you can find out all about it by pressing the paytable icon

Hot Sync Cheats

Playing online slots games is not the same as playing certain other BetVictor casino games you might come across. Where there is a certain amount of skill in playing, for example, blackjack or poker, slots are more like their random outcome cousins, such as roulette or baccarat. And even if you’ve had some luck with QuickSpin slots games before, there’s no guarantee you’ll repeat that luck with Hot Sync.

It’s easy to indulge in this QuickSpin slot as it includes some nice features and payouts. Indeed, if you have not tried Hot Sync yet, bear in mind that this 20 paylines game with 96.29% RTP rate guarantees a lot of excitement and opens some fair winning opportunities. It’s enough to spin its 5 reels for only a few times to understand that it rewards quite often, even though the amounts are modest. In addition, with a bit of luck and the right bet, the £100000 easily may be yours. However, it’s always worth mentioning that this carefully designed slot game aims primarily at entertaining players and cannot be played in a specific manner that promises rewards. After all, as any other game encompassed by BetVictor rich offer, it can be played in both fun and real-money mode, so choose the preferred option and have a great time!

Maybe it’s the potential BetVictor bonus or other types of prize that you’re interested in? And maybe you’ve decided you want to investigate these 20 paylines slots games a bit further, as you think you might be able to make some serious cash from playing them?

Even if we count in BetVictor’s profit, derived from zillions of spins on Hot Sync, this video slot has a very good payout prospects. With a 96.29% RTP and the volatility which provides generally smaller, but regular wins, this 5-reeler is a game worth trying.

Consider this – QuickSpin and other slots game makers have built in something called the Return To Player – RTP – percentage value into each of the games they offer. What this means is that you have a certain % cash return that is likely to come back to you, for every £100 you spend on the game. As an example, a slot with an RTP of 93%, should see you getting back £93 for every £100 you put into it. This might seem OK in one respect, but in another, it basically means you are far more likely to end up with less cash in your pocket than you started with, when playing this game.

About QuickSpin:

  • Established: 2011
  • Founder: Daniel Lindberg
  • Headquarters: Drottninggatan 95 A Stockholm, 11360
  • Website:
  • Specialties: Online Gaming, Gaming Products & Software Solutions, Mobile Gaming
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